IQ Tattoo membership

Become a IQ Tattoo member and benefit from great deals and discounts!

Do you want to benefit from discounts up to 15% at tattoo supplies, work with (Inter)national guest artists, increase you income significant and create a super-strong image through the IQ Tattoo brand?! Join the IQ Tattoo group today and boost up your company and it's results.

All IQ Tattoo membership studio's proved themselves more than enough when it comes to high quality tattoo artists.
A fine selection of world-famous (Inter)national artists offered their services to provide a lot of clients with unique artwork. For over 12 years we provide work spots for guest artists to meet their clients and generate more publicity. By now the IQ Tattoo reputation has grown to a level where we receive multiple inquiries from artists worldwide for (temporary) guest spots weekly.

Working with multiple artists under the same company like IQ Tattoo can offer some big advantages. For example a studio doesn't need to be closed in case of vacation's or (small) accidents. We can offer replacement artist(s) and studio managers for the continuance of your studio.

Over the past few year's the people behind the scenes at IQ Tattoo have created a unique system that will simply-fie the process from booking appointments to taking care of deposits. More and more clients do not want to come to the studio to book an appointment or pay a deposit and are asking to arrange the whole process through email. In 95% of all cases our system can provide in this need. Through a user-friendly integrated web-shop at the IQ Tattoo web-page clients can fill out the requested info, choose the amount of the deposit/payment and the system will do the rest. For all affiliated studio's this means a guaranteed cash settlement in the studio while clients can pay their deposit digital without equipment for credit- or debit cards is required at the studio. Depending on the status of the membership you can choose for IQ Tattoo to handle all incoming e-mail and mail traffic, booking appointments and use of our online agenda service. Of course the studio (manager) will also continue to book appointments.

Working with an online agenda service offers a lot of benefits and opportunities. A clear overview of appointment status as well as the location of artists can easily be found. Also booking appointments for artists working in other studio's or locations is possible with this system.